Brand Promise


Our Brand promise is to fulfill every customer’s critical logistical needs. Anytime. Anywhere.


We built our reputation on the values of vigilance, intelligence and team synergy. These are the values that enable us to fulfill our Brand promise to customers.


To manage demanding time-sensitive logistics fulfillment, anytime, anywhere, we are always alert to solutions that would benefit our customers. Being vigilant has been part of our culture since our inception, as we draw inspiration from our Griffin Kinetic symbol.


Our team of experts are knowledgeable and passionate about fulfilling our customers’ needs. We offer intelligent solutions that best meet customers’ diverse needs in different situations. We believe that generic solutions alone do not suffice.

Team Synergy

Our greatest strength comes from our people and our partners. Working as one team to serve our customers, they are not only resourceful and enterprising but are also all-ready to provide innovative solutions.

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