Griffin Kinetic - Experts in Critical Logistics

We're Griffin Kinetic, experts in critical logistics.
Since 1986, shipping companies, purchasers and
vessel crews rescued by our deliveries have
learned to trust in our resourcefulness, our
eagerness, and most of all our ability to tame
even the toughest jobs. We’re not the biggest
outfit, but going where others wouldn’t, to
deliver what others couldn’t, has earned us a
reputation for punching above our weight.

Corporate Office

9B Jalan Ampas

Singapore 329517
Tel: (65) 6274 8132
Fax: (65) 6276 5206
Airfreight Office

9 Airline Road, #01-04

Airfreight Agents Building D
P.O.Box 677
Singapore 819827

Tel: (65) 6545 0133
Fax: (65) 6542 4315
Agency Office

9B Jalan Ampas

Singapore 329517

PIC: Mr Mohsen

Tel: (65) 9664 4251


[email protected]

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