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Griffin Kinetic featured in Singapore Logistics Association, 03 November 2021
Newspaper feature of Griffin Kinetic in The Straits Times, 07 November 2021
D Griffin: The Story behind the App

Our vision at Griffin Kinetic is to exceed customers’ expectations by leveraging positive disruption, innovative solutions, and growth-driving partnerships. We are committed to being innovators, to bring alive our revolutionary vision for the critical logistics industry.

Our pipeline of product and service innovations powers future growth and equips us to deliver greater customer value.

Presenting D Griffin , a mobile application that brings our clients enhanced supply chain visibility with up-to-date critical information on cargo movements, historical information and essential documentations for inventory, orders and shipments. All this, at your fingertips.

As world trade continues to bounce back, trade volumes have been predicted to surpass pre-pandemic levels. This is not the time to rest on one’s laurels—ship owners must brace themselves for the surge in trade volumes.

Ship owners undertake a huge responsibility, comprising ship operations, seaworthiness, safety issues and ecological responsibilities. Not forgetting, ensuring commercial viability is at the forefront of any company.

From current issues arising from the pandemic to longstanding matters, here are the top 5 challenges that ship management companies and ship owners face today.

Newspaper feature of GK Pharma in The Business Times, 10 August 2010

Given the innumerable sources of news, choosing suitable ones can be perplexing. For a start, shipping news sites need to deliver timely, accurate information, with a wide coverage about international news, as that affects global trade. Readability, ease of use and convenience are also essential aspects to consider.

Here are 5 established and recognised sites we recommend for reliable shipping and maritime news and updates.

Over the course of 35 years, Griffin Kinetic has played a vital role in many ship rescue missions. This one details the role Griffin Kinetic played when a Singapore cargo ship sank in the sea of Karwar coast. With Griffin Kinetic’s expertise and strong network, it was able to salvage 4 complete cranes and transport it safely from Karwar Port to Shanghai.

In these unprecedented times of an ongoing pandemic, the maritime logistics industry has shown fortitude. Since enduring the impacts of sharp falls in global trade volumes in the early stages of COVID-19, projected recovery is delicate, considering now the spillover effect of the pandemic.

With the gradual easing of lockdowns and introduction of government stimulus packages, an erratic surge in demand for manufactured consumer goods has brought about another issue—the growing shortage of empty shipping containers. The impact of container shortage is exacerbated by port congestion and unplanned spikes in ship calls, as well as decreased workforce and higher processing costs due to pandemic protocols and restrictions.

The brunt of this string of crises continues, while pre-pandemic issues remain unresolved. As the global economy recovers, here are some expected challenges for the industry.

2020 has been one of the most challenging years for the maritime logistics industry, faced with the outbreak of the coronavirus which brought an unprecedented disruption to international shipping trade. The pandemic has sent shockwaves through supply chains, shipping networks and ports, resulting in a reduction of cargo volumes all over the world. Now that we are at the halfway mark of 2021, let’s turn our attention to 5 recent trends observed in the shipping industry worldwide as maritime companies continue adjusting to the “new normal” of the world.
4 Reasons to Choose Griffin Kinetic as your Critical Logistics Partner
Having a critical logistics partner is a lot like having an extended arm of your business on standby, whom you can trust to turn around your urgent shipments, to reach the destination in record time. A partner that understands the complexities, and ever-changing nature of each shipment, who’s both vigilant, wise, and who has extended networks to ensure 100% success. Griffin Kinetic stands out with its strong networks, expertise shaped by 30 years in the industry, and is now staying ahead of the curve with new innovations. Read more to find out about its latest app – a first in the B2B critical logistics space, that’s set to give its clients an upper hand and unfair advantage of having stock movements at their fingter-tips.
COVID-19 has hit all of us, even those in the critical logistics sector. An unexpected blessing has been the push to innovation in order to fulfill our customers’ needs for quick information accessibility and ease of communication.

We're Griffin Kinetic, experts in critical logistics.
Since 1986, shipping companies, purchasers and
vessel crews rescued by our deliveries have
learned to trust in our resourcefulness, our
eagerness, and most of all our ability to tame
even the toughest jobs. We’re not the biggest
outfit, but going where others wouldn’t, to
deliver what others couldn’t, has earned us a
reputation for punching above our weight.

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