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Streamline Your Vessel Operations

With the customer experience at the heart of all that we do, Griffin Kinetic Ship Agency strives to combine exceptional service levels, with clear transparency into your shipments.

Our professional shipping agents will create the solutions you need:

  • Efficient cargo operations, bunkering and husbandry
  • Global protective agency services when you need them most
  • Manage spot calls and contractual agreements for maritime assets
  • Loading, discharging and trans loading cargo (wet bulk,dry bulk or break bulk)
  • Rapid spare part deliveries to get your vessel operational fast
  • Complex dry-docking operations and manage any unforeseen complications

Our goal is to be the premier vessel agent, ensuring your vessels are at peak operational efficiency, saving costs for ship owners and managers.


Our Ship Agency Services

Get your vessel and cargo operations handled by the top shipping agency in Singapore. We bring the expertise to expedite every aspect of your supply chain, along with the experience and knowledge to get the job done well. See the solutions we can offer for:

Port & Cargo Services
Husbandry Services
Marine Services
Port & Cargo Services

Cargo operations and husbandry
Modern facilities for loading, discharging and transloading cargo (wet bulk, dry bulk, or break bulk). Work closely with relevant authorities to give an efficient and quality service for your vessel operations.

Represent cargo owners interests
Operating as either a nominated agent or the shippers/receivers’ agents, our agency will represent the cargo owners interests for both wet and dry operations, and assistance issuing bills of lading.

Bunker & Delivery Coordination
Enjoy timely and reliable information to ensure a smooth bunker delivery without delays. Our agency can help appoint a Bunker Quantity Surveyor on your behalf to ensure your best interests are protected, and can issue a “Letter of Protest” on your behalf as required.

Logistics Coordination
Solutions include arranging all air freight, warehousing, distribution and customs clearance for your ship’s spares, to smooth your vessel operations.

Stevedoring Coordination
Add efficiencies by prioritizing your break bulk or dry cargo with our assistance to appoint and coordinate shipments directly with terminal-approved stevedores.

Terminal / Berth Coordination
Our agency will correspond directly with the terminal to make prior arrangements to get your vessel a safe and secure berth.

Stowage Planning Coordination
Our team has the knowledge and expertise to work closely with your Master or Chief Officer and checker to ensure your cargo gets placed in ideal location on-board.

Surveyor / Checker Coordination
In close cooperation with professional surveyors and checkers, our agency assists with compliance and assurance for your cargo and vessel.

Protective Agent Service
Rely on a preferred ship agent to serve as your eyes and ears supervising the charterer agent and port operations to protect your interests. Our agency will support you.

Ship to Ship Transfer Coordination
For all cargo operations off Singapore, we can coordinate with STS service providers and arrange all necessary permit applications for your vessel and operations.

Husbandry Services

Improve your vessel operations with well-coordinated husbandry services, and rely on us to deliver on time. We provide the husbandry agency services you need, to secure the welfare of your vessels.

Vessel service pre-planning

Booked services coordination

Cash to master

Crew change assistance

On/Off-hire survey coordination

Meet and greet

Crew medical assistance

Launch coordination service

Spare parts coordination

Emergency medical evacuation / Helicopter evacuation

Marine Services
Our rigorous vendor shortlisting process ensures your vessels are served by qualified partners, trusted suppliers with whom we’ve forged close working relationships. To better facilitate and coordinate all the different requirements you have for your vessel’s needs.


Hold Cleaning

Underwater Survey

Hull and Propeller Cleaning

Hot and cold layup of vessels

Heavy lift/project cargo handling

Cargo survey

Mobilization and demobilization of offshore assets

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Industry Leading Shipping Agents
Griffin Kinetic Ship Agency is your reliable partner, providing husbandry and even bunker trade in Singapore, working closely with key partners in the local and global trades to deliver an exceptional level of customer service.
With special clearance to all piers, ship terminals and shipyards in Singapore (including the Marina South Pier, Penjuru Terminal, PSA Brani Terminal, Keppel and Sembawang Shipyard), you can depend on Griffin for your maritime needs.

World-Class Shipping Agency Services

Enjoy a Singapore-based global service that gives you access to the shipping and logistics solutions your vessels need, when they need it most. We deliver the highest quality agency support, providing round-the-clock assistance to ship owners and chartering services.

Griffin Kinetic Agency is the smart choice as your shipping agent.

We're Griffin Kinetic, experts in critical logistics.
Since 1986, shipping companies, purchasers and
vessel crews rescued by our deliveries have
learned to trust in our resourcefulness, our
eagerness, and most of all our ability to tame
even the toughest jobs. We’re not the biggest
outfit, but going where others wouldn’t, to
deliver what others couldn’t, has earned us a
reputation for punching above our weight.

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